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Security and Piece of Mind

In today’s world the need to properly secure government facilities and police departments increases with each passing year.  Access control and surveillance of these critical facilities is paramount to ensuring public safety and the safety of the employees, officers, property and sensitive materials housed at each location.  ClearLP looks and the unique needs of each facility and designs solutions to provide a high quality system aligned, importantly, to both your requirements and your budget. 


Excelling at customer service our experienced team will address your needs and concerns on time with precision.

Whether you are in need of a new system, system upgrades, or management of an existing system we will design and implement a plan to save you time and money.

 The ClearLP Advantage

  • Scalable systems can be expanded as needed

  • Advanced Access Control Applications

  • Perimeter Control

  • Flexible IP security allows mobile and remote viewing

  • Designing systems to meet compliance requirements

  • Prevents theft and vandalism

  • Ensures utmost public safety

  • Deters criminals from committing crimes

  • Minimizes daily security threats

  • Reduces liability


"New installations, old equipment servicing, upgrades and repairs, ClearLP does everything we need"

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