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Ensuring Security, Safety and Efficiency

ClearLP Security Specialists have designed and implemented security systems ranging from facilities on a small footprint to large manufacturing plants housing multinational corporations.   By implementing proactive solutions from day one we minimize downtime, save money, and ensure our systems provide the highest quality security and stability available.

ClearLP’s services range from basic maintenance of existing security systems to designing, installing, and maintaining complete end-to-end turn key solutions at any scale.

 The ClearLP Advantage

  • Prevent and deter material theft

  • Monitor and evaluate operations

  • Deter and prevent “Time Clock” Fraud

  • Deter and prevent false workman compensation claims

  • Protect building and assets from theft trespassing and vandalism

  • Enhance quality control and efficiency

  • Remote site monitoring and management

  • Monitor inventory and productivity


"It has never been easier to monitor production! ClearLP provides us so much more than security."

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