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Medical Cannabis


Compliance Key Consideration
for Cannabis Dispensary

Security Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

 The ClearLP Advantage

  • Maintain compliance to state regulations

  • Biometric security options to access secure areas such as medicine storage or patient records

  • Use RFID to track inventory with searchable video events

  • Secure Medication

  • Secure access to building

  • Secure access to specific floors and rooms

  • Monitor who accesses restricted areas

  • Monitor staff locations

  • Monitor theft by customers, staff or outsiders

  • Monitor unwanted environmental changes such as propped doors

  • Monitoring facility activity including falls

Whether you are in need of a new system, system upgrades, or management of an existing system we will design and implement a plan to save you time and money.

Security solutions leading the industry addressing the unique needs of Cannabis Dispensaries and Grow Sites.

Security, inventory control and maintaining compliance to state regulations are paramount in every aspect of the Medical Cannabis industry.  Your facilities success relies on your ability to monitor, track and control product at every stage.  These advanced capabilities coupled with High Definition, clear video to record the activities of customers and staff provide piece of mind and allow you to focus on your business.

Click on the links below to learn how ClearLP and MARCH Networks are changing the way you view Grow Site and Dispensary Security.

"We now have complete oversight of our facility and inventory at all times.  We can even view our cameras from our phones, its a whole new level of security and product control.

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